Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Patriotic in Pembrokeshire

Sometimes, living here on the side of a hill in the far west of Wales, it can seem as if we are on another planet. Watching the news this week has intensified that feeling. First the looting by people with not much to hope for, living in a society which promotes a level of consumerism they can never hope to afford. Then the armies of broom-wielding community-spirited folk suddenly proving that a city is really just a series of joined-up villages after all. I'm not sure what to make of it all. It seems such a long way away.

Then, yesterday afternoon, I looked up from my favourite seat at the front of our home and saw that the vapour trails from the planes that fly over us from the London airports had drawn a Union flag in the sky.

As I photographed I was struck how quiet, peaceful, sunny and lovely it all was. Then the trails wafted away into the blue sky and the moment passed.


  1. Yes, it all feels a long way away.

    Also Jane and I wanted to thank you for recommending the Lawrenny walk - we did it the other day with Dylan (6) and had a fabulous day. I'd been there many times before with boat and kayak but not done that walk. Cafe was good too - almost as good as the Pink Caff at Nevern!

  2. Observant of you to notice the flag.
    Carry on, and flag not, Mags.

  3. Riots and community and a little reminder of unity. We ae a hotch porch nation but like a large family of cousins we do get on really. I am so proud of the clear up in London it shows that all is not lost.

  4. Apart from running the usual sweep of emotions at those dreadful images on the TV, I was left feeling even more grateful to be in this quiet corner of the world.


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