Saturday, 13 August 2011

New shoes!

The BEST sort of new shoes

John the Farrier came on Friday and I had a sudden flash of inspiration while he was here. We'd been looking at Fatsy Isty in utter wonderment because her adipose tissue has resisted attempts to shift it, while Bulleye has nicely slimmed down.

So I asked John if he wouldn't mind popping shoes onto Itsy so we can burn off some fat by way of exercise. Last time I took her out on the road she winced every time she stepped on a stone which isn't fun either for her or her rider. Also as H9 is keen to get on board now a little more mileage is planned. Shoes seemed the obvious way to go.

She won't be in heavy work so only front shoes are needed, but it means I can have a little clip clop around the lanes with her and H9 can too.

Let me out!
In other news, Bullseye, the pony who thinks he's a mountain goat, has whacked another leg. So far he has scars on his near foreleg and off hind to demonstrate the error of his ways. Now he has no additional scars but spent Friday dangling his other back leg. John had a look and agreed that it was tendon or possible fracture (gulp). So Bullseye is indoors on a thick bed of shavings and letting the world know, in shrill whinnies, that he's not happy with the situation. Today he's putting weight on the leg, so I'm holding out hope that it is a pulled digital flexor tendon (which is bad enough).


  1. What a fabulous photo of the poor prisoner!

  2. Lots of things on your smallholding revolve around horses. Just as on many farms in the 1950s.
    Some things don't change.

  3. Doesn't she look smart with those on! Hopefully you will shift the lard she's carrying now (hard to believe she was skin and bone when she arrived with us all those years ago - all head, wormy belly and legs . . .) I'm sure you'll all enjoy he outings.

    I hope Bullseye is soon on the mend - they love to scare you don't they?


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