Wednesday, 23 November 2011


I had a nice blog post lined up about all the lovely things I have been making recently for Christmas presents, complete with pictures and everything.

Then I realised that bunging the aforementioned on the blog would rather defeat the element of surprise should any of the recipients happen to read it.


You see Christmas this year is rather on the home made side on account of us being cash poor since the cars ate our savings. This left us being in the position of being skint but with access to raw materials. Recipients of home made things have been complimentary in the past (more fool them!) so I've been preserving, sewing and generally crafting my little cotton socks off for the past few weeks.

Even H9 and R7(nearly 8) have requested home made items, as has mum. Others are having them sprung upon them, not that our gift giving list is that huge (fortunately).

Santa examines R7's list
There is one small cloud on the horizon, however. The offspring have sent their letters to Santa by the medium of smoke and R7 is confident that Santa will be able to get her a Nintendo 3DS and Mario 3D game to go with it because (I quote): "Santa makes all of his presents so he doesn't need money to buy them".


I gently explained that even Santa has to get his Nintendo 3DS from Nintendo and that Santa is strapped for cash this year too on account of the global economic situation. I would have gone on to explain the about the crisis in Europe and the plight of the Euro but her eyes had glazed over.

"You won't be disappointed if he doesn't bring you one?" I asked (gingerly).

"Oh no," said R7. "But he DOES make them so you never know..." (Exit R7 stage left with a confident skip.)



  1. Yup that is a problem. I too say Santa is strapped for cash my boys look at me round eyed in utter disbelief!

  2. I wish I could make things! I can cook but that's about all, I am totally hopeless with my hands.

  3. I think making things for someone is such a wonderful and personal gift to give. My shop bought items pale in comparison and I wish I was as talented as you as I'd make things by choice. Santa is on a strict budget in this house too... he’s keeping eyes out for sales, discounts, bargains and he might even have a go on the lottery.

  4. I nearly did the same thing (blog post about my christmas Crafting). Today I have made the first of several sets of pillow cases with a broad band of pretty edging - got some WOW fat 1/2s from the patchwork shop. I am also knitting scarfs/shawls, x-stitching and arghhhh - what do I give my aged aunties?!!

  5. P.S. Perhaps an I.O.U. for the most-wanted things and your girls can "work" for some cash to put towards them later in the year?

  6. There will be IOUs under the tree - but for me and B not the girls. they always make big demands but are happy with little lovely bits carefully sourced by Santa.

  7. I have just blogged about my inadequacy on the making things front which sadly extends to shopping too! Just about the only thing I can do with real confidence is cook. Your girls are very sound I think. I am sure they will love what they get. My kids were great about home made presents. One (the elder) truly didn't mind in the least and still struggles to tell you what you might want for Christmas and birthdays, the other played a blinder about how good everything was. I like to think that their values as adults come at least in part from both what they had and what they had to do without.


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