Saturday, 19 November 2011

Spoilt for choice

There were Christmas craft fairs everywhere today. We went to the one at Colby Woodland Gardens which gave us free entry and Claire of Cake Carousel was there with her delicious cupcakes which H9 and R7 are quite fond of sampling.

But we could have gone to two in Narberth - one foodie one vintage - or one at the Steiner School or another at the hall in Clynderwen.

Colby though is one we've been to before and after you've perused the stalls you can wander the pretty walled garden.

The fuchsias are still in full bloom, despite the fact it's only five weeks to Christmas.

The rill looks pretty all year round. The octagonal house at the top hasn't been open to the public before this year and all we've done previously is peer in through the windows.

Now though, they let you inside. It's a real sun trap and has clever trompe l'oeil pictures on the wall. You can hire it now for fully catered functions. I just have to work out some sort of a function I might need fully catering. It would be lovely here.

H9 and R7 had raspberry and white chocolate cupcakes and then bought bug catching pots from the National Trust shop. I bought beads and other sparkly bits and bobs for Christmas decorations from Carole at Begelly Beads. All the while the sun shone and it felt more like March than November.


  1. Been away, catching up on blogs and comments before a week of solid writing to finish book. But I am so tempted to go to Colby; it is one of my favourite spots, especially after buying sandwiches in Narberth from you know where.

  2. I was at the vintage fair and it was very busy. I might pop along to Colby tomorrow, I hope the sun will shine tomorrow!

  3. Bear has been Occupied with other things for a bit, and is just catching up with blog friends.
    Sounds like you had a grand time!

  4. Strange you say it felt like March - I commented to the iGit yesterday that it felt more like Spring than Autumn. Even spotted some confused Collared Doves mating in the Cherry Tree - I do hope they don't try nesting until the Spring has come.

    Sounds like a lovely way to spend the day and a great garden thrown in for good measure!

  5. Love the look of the garden and the idea of the cupcakes!


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