Sunday, 20 November 2011

Long run day

I always have my mobile phone with me on my runs and I thought I'd share some of the things I see as I'm plodding around the roads.

Today's run was just six and a half miles. This is an easy week in my Smartcoach running plan designed, I think, to give tired muscles a rest.

I took these at the top of the long straight upward slope, past Elizabeth Haines' gallery, before I turned right to continue my clockwise circuit past the forestry. There's nothing but sheep and fields between this road and the top of the Preselis and it has lovely sweeping views of the hills on a clear day. Today though, the hills had stayed in bed.

Who's pinched Foel Cwmcerwyn then?

I'm sure the road must have gone straight on here in days gone by (before tarmac). My mobile isn't so good at showing it but this gate has a twin along a pretty much straight green lane. It's a footpath and theoretically goes up on to the hill but I've never walked it.


  1. Sounds a fabulous run. I reckon the route along the whole ridge would be brilliant off road run too - drop off at Foel C carpark - pick up at Crymych.

  2. It's lovely to share your run, Mags, although I'll be glad when I can get out there again too!

  3. So idyllic, Mags. Great run; great pictures. Thanks.

  4. Superb photos and a very inspiring blog for us 'resting joggers'.


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