Saturday, 26 November 2011

Scenes from a long run day #2

Today's route is my absolute favourite - over the cattle grid and along the feet of the Preselis. The pictures are taken with my mobile phone, so excuse the quality. Today's conditions were grey and windy but there was good visibility right along the hill range.

Carn Bica with a lone walker (one third down on the right. I could see him/her anyway!)

No sheep for company today. I've chased hundreds along here in the past. They always run on ahead assuming I'm rounding them up.

On the main road, once I've run through a corner of Mynachlogddu. These signs are sprouting at the end of farm lanes. I need one too. The scrap dealers call and ask for "the boss" meaning a man. They ask for scrap while surveying your farmyard with greedy eyes. If you're not in they help themselves if they think they can get away with it. Parasites.


  1. We had 'scrap' stolen over 20 years ago. By a strange coincidence, men had called a few days before to ask if we had any! I've read that they are keen on the gates themselves thesedays!

  2. it seems to be a growing problem - I recall seeing on South Today this week, a whole cul-de-sac of social housing that all had matching wrought iron double gates across their driveways, disappearing over night. 14 houses - and no one heard a thing!

    When I saw the picture of the cattle grid it crosses my mind - how long before someone steals that too. We have them around here, and when approaching one in the car at night, I always slow down these days, just in case its no longer there and I end up in the ditch!


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