Monday, 2 January 2012

First harvest of 2012

I investigated the polytunnel this morning. The sun was shining (sort of) and inside it was warm and springlike. There was a compete absence of any of the brassicas. Whatever it was that took a shine to the calabrese, kale and spring cabbages ate the whole lot.

A big gap where once there was cabbage.

But the whatever it was left the lettuce, rocket, chards, spinach, land cress and mustard alone. All were hot and thirsty so I hoed a little, watered a little, picked my first harvest of salad for 2012 and left the doors open to give the tunnel a good airing.

All is not lost.

Here be lunch.


  1. How splendid. That's just about the best advert for a polytunnel I've seen. Hope your lunch tasted as good as it looks, and Happy New Year.

  2. Now I'll have to go out and check the trays of salad in my greenhouse - in between the showers of hail, that is! I keep telling myself that the days have started lengthening!

  3. Your veggies look wonderful! Do you plant broad beans in your tunnel? My husband is having problems with his.

  4. Can I come for lunch ? That looks soooooo good!

    Now inspired to get some going here in the wine boxes on the terrace - yummy!

  5. I wouldn't mind in the least to find the kale and spring cabbage had disappeared! Or the chard, for that matter.... The rest looks lovely.

  6. Yikes - you're harvesting already. Must get my skates on ;)

  7. You inspired me to go outdoors. Cleared Greenhouse and picked leeks for supper - mmmm with cheese sauce!
    V. Impressed with poly tunnel!


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