Sunday, 8 January 2012


This is the last day of the Christmas holidays, which have seem to have lasted for ages. I don't mean that to sound like a complaint though. We've had a lot of fun over the past two weeks but we all need to get a bit of routine back.

I need to get back to running. I haven't been since December 27th when I stepped onto what I thought was a grassy verge which turned out to be a very soft muddy puddle. The resulting unexpected jolt hurt a bit and overstretched a bit. I hippety-hoppitied home with a sore and very muddy ankle and foot and decided running was cancelled until after the end of the school holidays (especially as the wind was so windy too).

What follows now is the start of my good intentions (a term I've pinched from Zoe Lynch's lovely blog). Running is one, as is losing a little of the luggage I've gained over Christmas thanks to giving in to things (like mince pies and pannetone) rather than resisting them. I need to get back to a more regular kettlebell routine too (because it works and I quite like the effect on my 'abs'.)

Another of my good intentions is to eat more salad, so I'm joining Veg Plotting's 52 Week Salad Challenge. I have a head start on this thanks to salad transplants I planted in October from Delfland Nurseries (having failed to sow anything to overwinter because we'd been so busy building the polytunnel) knowing I'd want salad in January.

Another intention is to start a business. Mine's called Magatha Bagatha and is pretty things hand made by me. At the moment my products are pretty ribbon-trimmed bags but I plan to expand into things made using the fleeces from our organic sheep. This means learning how to felt and dye wool and possibly how to spin too.

It's early days for Magatha Bagatha yet - I only decided I was definitely going to set it up as a business at the end of last month so things are very much in the early planning stages. Any help and suggestions would be enthusiastically and gratefully received.


  1. Good luck with the new business! My friend Jeannie dyes wool (she might spin too, I'm not sure). Her blog is if you want to take a look. She knits for Damson & Slate in Narberth & her work is beautiful.

    Great bags too, love the fabric.

  2. Good Luck with the business, will it be web based or are you looking at selling in your local area? The bags look lovely, do you have a link set up to browse and buy?

  3. Gamely entering into the world of the self-employed, you are. Not for the faint of heart, that is.

    When we were still weaving, I did a bit of spinning with a drop spindle. Gave a delightfully lumpy wool, but could also be very fine.

    Do hope your project goes well. Please keep showing us some pictures.

  4. Hi Mgas. Was going to pop over to ask about the new venture and saw it mentioned on your new post. Well done you! Sounds a great idea. keep with the stepladder cos it really is one step at a time. Will it be online? I love hearing of others' ventures x

  5. Oh how exciting, another person venturing on the creative route! Love the name you have chosen too. The bags look pretty as well, look forward to seeing more!

    Good luck with the new venture - like me, I suspect your heart is in your mouth wondering how it will turn out.

  6. Berlimey! You don't let the grass grow under your feet, do you, Mags! What a great name for your business - here's wishing Magatha Bagatha huge success.

  7. nellie dean - Thanks for the link (and the good wishes). I've added Jeannie's blog to my list (I think I met her last time I was in Damson and Slate too).

    Alison - Thanks! I'll probably start with online sales and see how it goes. I gave all my stock as Christmas pressies so I need to make something to sell first.

  8. Rob-bear - I'm already self-employed so this is just another string to my bow. Spinning seems a bit scary (but perhaps only because my experience of it is Sleeping Beauty based!)

    Pipany - My step-ladder has lots of little steps, but all upwards. It will be online at first but I've got ideas in mind for things that could sell in local shops.

  9. Zoe - Thanks and good luck to you too! Yes my heart is definitely in my mouth about this but I've decided to carry on regardless.

    Chris - Thank you. I'm glad you like the name. I'm going to explain why in a future post (but it's probably easy to guess once you know what my surname is!)

  10. I recognise one of those bags ;) Beautiful and beautifully made. I have no doubt it will be a success. Quality never fails.


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