Monday, 16 January 2012

Frosty morning

We've just had the coldest night of this winter season, the weatherman said this morning. What it's given us is a glorious winter day with frosty grass and wall to wall sunshine.

R8 went back to school today. She wasn't keen on the idea of being stared at because of her two black eyes and butterfly stitches on her nose but she's mended enough and I'm confident they'll look after her.

Her nose and both eyes went through all the colours of the rainbow this weekend, from deep maroon, through shades of lilac and then into the yellows. Yesterday she came out on the long dog walk and announced that she needed a stick "to walk with because I've got a broken nose". She found herself a nice big branch, at which point Mido, who is at least 50% Labrador, got the wrong end of the stick (so to speak).

I rescued the dog from his mistake and R8 found herself a second stick for the other arm. I've never known anyone need crutches for a broken nose before. The dogs assumed the sticks were one each and strained at their leads while the 'patient' shouted "put it down" at them.

This morning's walk was a little quiet by comparison, save for the roar of tractor engines. The ground is hard enough to drive on so the farmers are all busying about doing the work that had to wait because the ground was too wet. The sheep tell me they need to come inside the building. They're probably bored of the new field they've been on since one died last week.

Ivy swathes this ancient hawthorn tree.

Underneath it evidence of someone's winter larder. I presume these are hawthorn berry pips. Presumably the fleshy outside was consumed when fresh and the nutty middles were saved for later. The pips bear the marks of teeny little teeth. I can just imagine the tiny little mouse sitting in the dip at the foreground, nibbling away, then tossing the empty shells over his shoulder. Gruffalo crumble for dessert, one assumes.


  1. We've had, I think, our coldest night thus far: -27°C (-17F). Ah, "fresh air, indeed.

    So glad R8 made it back to school. She'll probably be a celebrity for about 15 minutes. But glad she is recovering from that nasty misadventure.

    Poor Mido! Just trying to do his thing.

  2. Having an injury like that makes you feel wobbly about the world for a while. I`m sure the stick helped!

    Hoping that the bruises soon fade away.

    We had a deep frost this morning but it has thawed now, except for shady corners where the sun cannot reach.

  3. Very frosty here - I spolied the hens today and not only gave them their usual fodder, but made up some hot mash for them too - squawks of delight all round.

    Pips look big for haws - remind me more of a sloe/damson or made be a wild plum or cherry?

    I need to get into the beehives to do a varroa treatment, but it is far too cold to attempt yet.

    I do love these bright crisp days though

  4. Beautiful post, Mags and funny too. I do love that image of the dogs thinking they'd got a stick each as R8 limped along supporting her, er, broken nose! I hope the return to school went well.

    It's lovely to look at out there, but, phew, it's nippy noodles!

  5. Of course you need crutches for a broken nose! I'm surprised she didn't need a sling too.

    My sister used to lure unwilling children - well, the boys - new to 'big school', into her drama class by starting the year with a make up lesson - everyone went home with a black eye to be proud of. Worked a treat every time!

  6. Yes hasn't it been a glorious day. Sorry about the accident at the pool, glad it was not worse and she is on the mend.

  7. I am a bit late catching up with the excitement around your area. Please send best wishes to brave R8 from NYC. Hoping that her classmates also realized any of them might have had the same thing happen.

    I love that idea of ice cream and H Potter! The image of the dogs wanting to do their playful parts with the carefully chosen sticks is so vivid.

    Your hawthorne photos, up and down, are beautiful. I could see a painting derive from either of them.

    It is so very cold here...after a mild early winter, we've now had three days below the freezing point...keeps us moving briskly and planning outdoor excursions involving longish walks.


  8. Am new here, wandered in from .... oh heck, where was I? ElizabethM I think ...

    Your photo of Mido is quite gorgeous and he looks adorable, definitely 'my' kind of four legs. If 50% is Lab, what's the other half? His stance reminds me of our Beardie.

  9. PS: oops - confused? That's Scamp, isn't it, not Mido . . .

  10. Crutches for a broken nose seem a great idea to me. I am glad she has gone back to school but I think perhaps an eye patch might have helped? Sorry, off on one of my own now. FIL just had a cataract operation so eyepatches big up here. And what a very lovely dog.

  11. Sorry for confusing you, BilboWaggins and others - I photographed one dog and then talked about the other.

    And Zoe - you're probably correct about the pips being sloes - they are tiny but not quite as tiny as haws and there is an entire blackthorn hedge along that bank.


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