Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Thank you

I had a letter this morning from Birmingham St Mary's Hospice thinking me for the total of £248.75 I raised by running the Cardiff Half Marathon last October.

So I'm passing on their thanks to all of the lovely people who sponsored me and contributed towards this sum.

I raised the money in the memory of Ann, who was my cousin Keith's wife (but was more like an aunt to me). She needed the love and care of the hospice volunteers in the last days of her life last August.

My subway art thank you note was created on Picnik, discovered via Nellie Dean's blog. Sadly Picnik is closing on April 19th so have a play with it while you can. I make my subway art by opening a collage and choosing a colour (then click done). Under basic editing choose 'resize image', then untick the green ticks from the boxes and set the size to 1920 x 2400 (click done). Then jump on into the texts, stickers etc.


  1. Well doing for the Cardiff half, very impressive. I'm a on/off beginner runner and hope to get back into it soon and maybe then I'll be able to get past 5k! lol

    Thanks for the mention, glad you like Picnik.

  2. Well done, Mags, on the art and the fund raising. And the writing, too.


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