Thursday, 26 January 2012

Signs of life

There are signs of life in the new pond. This is one of two we had scraped out by a digger last summer. The other, higher up, hasn't filled yet (we left it to its own devices) but this one is fed by a sparkling little waterfall and we spent a day giving it a proper dam. Plants have arrived, I've seen a duck on it (twice) and this morning there were signs of other activity...

Someone has been extremely busy.

I'll keep an eye on this frogspawn. Hopefully the weather will stay mild and this will hatch into many fat tadpoles.


  1. Frogspawn! Already!

    I'm not used to this South West time difference after so long in the North East - on my allotment, frogspawn didn't make an appearance this early, I'm sure. I shall go out right now and inspect my little pond.....

  2. Exactly Frogspawn! We don't get any until end of February March time. Must be very mild with you at the moment - hope it survives!

  3. That does seem very early. How deep is your pond? In a week or so the spawn should settle and sink, if the water is deep enough not to freeze it should be OK if the weather turns.

  4. It has been mild here though, hasn't it? The daffs opposite are in bloom and ours look ready to burst.

    I read a lovely article about frogspawn with children describing it delightfully as 'frogs born' and, more worryingly, as 'frogs porn'!

  5. Wow, I'm sure you all are going to have fun watching what develops in your pond's first full year.

    Please do keep your camera handy!

  6. That frogspawn IS early! I hope some of it survives the cold of February.

    You have reminded me that we need to clear some leaves out of our little pond, before the newts start hatching.

  7. can you imagine how many frogs that lot will produce? there wont be a slug for miles!

    Fabulous to have it being so soon after you created it.

  8. Despite last winter being cold, we had a massive amount of frogspawn early (not this early though!) which managed to survive later frosts.

    I have to say, the frogspawn in your pond DID make me go WOW!

  9. I really love your pond. Can't work out how to have one up here on a fairly steep slope! The forecast is cold for the week so am keeping my fingers crossed for your frogspawn.


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