Tuesday, 15 February 2011

3D or not 3D? That is the question.

My two little girls have both got Nintendo DS Lites. We ummed and ahhed a bit about buying them initially but then everyone seemed to have them and what kid feels comfortable about being left behind?

Nintendo 3DS. I think we need at least three...
I have to say my initial doubts about them were soon allayed. They're cute, the games are cute. They're great for keeping children quietly occupied during things where adults are happily talking and children get bored. But they're getting a bit battered now. They've done well considering the girls were five and seven when they had them. They've been dropped, thrown, sat on, had drinks spilled on them and coped with the general rough and tumble of life with a child.

R7's got a bent pin and stopped working so we sent it back to Nintendo and they fixed it for free despite it being way out of guarantee. (They were VERY efficient at the Nintendo Service Centre. They even paid for the postage for me to send it and it came back by courier after 48 hours. That's five star service.)

Now though they've both got broken hinges. Fixing is possible (but not free I don't suppose) and Nintendo has since brought out a DSi and now a 3DS. Games in 3D? Is that possible?

It seems it is:

H9's friend G9 is saving up for a 3D Nintendo. A new 3DS suddenly seems a whole lot more desirable. I think a bit of saving up is required...

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  1. Are they out yet...? I have heard that they might be hard on the eyes and they should only be used for 1/2 hour or so at a time (not that that's a bad thing). And can you use old games? I suspect not and that's the killer. Expensive games. Yikes.

    But it looks irresistible to 9 and 49 year olds alike ;)

  2. Lins - From the Nintendo website: "You can also play software from Nintendo DS systems, so if you already have lots of favourite games for a Nintendo DS or Nintendo DSi, you can still play them on your Nintendo 3DS system." And according to the video there's a slider so you can turn the 3D up and down - like a volume control.


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