Monday, 28 February 2011

The sun's out here

Puppies, like cats, are solar-powered.
The sun finally came out here. The duvet of cloud we've been submerged under for what feels like most of February finally lifted to reveal blue skies, growing grass and a whole heap of things that needed to be done yesterday.

Today we have fetched the feed for the ewes who are currently a demanding bedlam of customers inside the barn. The feed is mixed at a farm in Llandysul so that involves a drive over the Preselis, via Cenarth and through Newcastle Emlyn to Llandysul and out the other side. Here be guinea pigs - or rather it's where Lucky was found and we think (and it seems such a huge coincidence) that he was found by the farmer who sells us our feed (one year I will remember to ask...)

Cenarth was looking quiet but beautiful as it always does at this time of year. We must go for a picnic or a pub lunch or a cream tea (or all three) and a meander along the river. Soon.

Back at home, with the feed safely stowed in the old freezer, the garden beckoned and I cleared the winter debris from the Venetian border (how grand that sounds!) There was a list of casualties - unsurprisingly after this hard winter - but also the delight of finding that I had planted wallflowers. The thing with me and biennials is that I always forget that I have planted them. Wallflowers and Sweet Williams are and endless source of forgotten delight for this gardener and I now have the promise of lovely blooms while I get the rest of the garden into good order.


  1. Isn't it beautiful here today? Sunshine and blue skies - just glorious.

  2. Strong sun, still low in the sky, combined with south-facing windows = high visibility cobwebs & the start of spring cleaning! I find it hard to believe that I'm actually doing it instead of just complaining!

  3. "Here be guinea pigs"? You mean like dragons? Living wild? In caves? Explain!

  4. Chris - Yes it was so lovely to see the sun again!

    the veg artist - same here... where did all those cobwebs come from all of a sudden?

    rachel - Yes, living wild in the hills like dragons apparently. Lucky was found in the middle of a huge field, all on his own (hence the name). Perhaps the hills around Llandysul are infested with guinea pigs...

  5. We canines are, indeed, solar powered. Even in places like here in the colony, where we're getting heavy snow, high winds, and -35°C (or -31°F) temperatures. With more than two feet of snow on the ground, it will probably be a few days before we get to cleaning up the garden. So we'll be content to hear about yours.

  6. Love the photo of your youngest member snoozing in the sunshine. The weather has been gorgeous here too, I so love it when spring starts to arrive.


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