Monday, 7 February 2011

How to be nine

My eldest was nine yesterday. In fact she's been celebrating being nine for three days so far - today being no exception as conveniently there's a teacher training day and no school.

Saturday was a trip with four of her friends to see Disney's Tangled in 3D. Now it's no secret that I am a huge fan of Disney (and Pixar) films but Tangled is the best yet. Rarely does a film leap straight into my number one slot after one viewing but Tangled did and it's all the fault of Maximus the horse. He's simply the best, the funniest, the most handsome Disney character ever created. A fabulous comic turn that had me weeping with laughter. I'm desperate to see Tangled again - I must get it on Blu-ray - just to see the bits I missed because I was laughing so much. Oh, and the kids loved it too judging by the helpless way they were laughing through much of it.
Maximus (picture copyright Disney).
Other characters in the film? Oh, um, yes, girl with a lot of hair (Rapunzel), handsome hero (Flynn), bad guy (wicked witch) lots of other good, funny bad guys. Great plot. Brilliant film. Horse!

Sunday, continuing the ninth birthday celebrations was a food-centred day involving grandparents and a menu devised by the freshly minted nine year old. We had a roast chicken dinner with homemade stuffing (using sage grown by the birthday girl), then sticky toffee pudding and Ben and Jerry's ice cream. Tea was sandwiches and dips followed by birthday cake - Daddy's speciality, a chocolate spice cake. The cakes, I have discovered over the years, get hotter to carry as the candles increase.

Today we have H's best friend over and various activities are planned including a squash fountain and a trip to Narberth to spend birthday money on trinkets for Croc shoes.

If celebrating nine requires three days - what happens next year?


  1. Sounds delightful! I miss having children to go to the cinema with. Or just to have around, I guess!

  2. Happy birthday to H, sounds like she is having a ball. The menu fairly made my mouth water. Must make a point of taking youngest to see Tangled when it is on as I know she will love it. Enjoy the lasting birthday celebrations....

  3. Happy birthday to Hannah, looking forward to Tangled, have you seen Despicable Me?

  4. I'd make the most of it , in a few years time she'll be off making whoopie with her friends . Though she'll always come home in time for roast chicken and her special birthday cake !

  5. Happy ninth birthday (belatedly) to your big girl. Three days of partying? Sure, why not! Sounds like fun. And the food! Oh, my.

  6. Happy birthday to H... I think being 9 sounds pretty good, and I thoroughly approve of stretching a birthday out for as long as possible!


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