Sunday, 13 February 2011

A little dog and his friend go to the Big Beach

Scamp: So this is the beach! What do we do?
Topsy: Well, we could go for a run...
Topsy: Come on little boy - keep up!
Scamp: Whee! This is fun!
Scamp: Hang on... what's this? Poo! Smells funny!
Topsy: This is what Good Dogs do. We walk Nicely with the girls.
Scamp: Oooh! What is this stuff? It's all wet.
Topsy: It's water you silly dog! Come on out before you get soaked.
Scamp: I'm tired and hungry.
Topsy: Just follow along like a good dog. The grown-ups are talking about a picnic. Picnics are Good Things and if you are a very good little puppy they might give you a sandwich.


  1. Topsy told me she loved the doggy date. I think she has a secret crush on Scamp.

  2. What larks! It's the best form of fun for free, taking a dog to the beach, I reckon.

    But do you seriously think a dog thinks "Poo!' to any smell? And if it IS poo, so much the better! (Sorry to be so gross..... labradors are very coarsening.)

  3. Lins - I think we might have to do that again...!
    Rachel - It WAS poo. Dogs are gross.

  4. I shall have to look out for you on the beach. Isn't that white house on the estuary interesting, and what a view - bet it cost a FORTUNE though.

  5. Looks just like Llanstefan fav beach when I was a kid to take the dogs for a walk while staying with Nan in Carmarthen...Nan hated the dogs so going to Llanstefan meant we'd be out ages!
    Yes dogs are gross....

  6. Your blog truly has gone to the dogs. But it was so cute!


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