Friday, 26 November 2010

And so it snowed (tiddly pom)

This was the view from my back doorstep this morning. A little overnight snowed had iced everything up rather prettily into a Christmas card view. All day it snowed and sleeted. School gave up at 12.30pm and sent the pupils home after they had eaten their lunch. It's now freezing. Who knows what we'll wake up to tomorrow.


  1. You have to admit it is beautiful with a white frosting on the trees! We have a few inches of snow already here in Edmonton, Canada. Have a great week!!

  2. Oh it looks so lovely! It thawed here so snow gone as fast as it came - sledges on back burner, boys crestfallen...

  3. Definitely Bear country weather. Have a shed in which I could hibernate? Every time I try to get into hibernation mode over here, the solar alarm clock goes off and it wakes me up.
    I understand Wales is a bit of a darker (well, grayer) country — I might get a decent winter's snooze at your place.
    Pls. & thxn.

  4. Nothing here as yet in the West Midlands (much to my disgust as I'm a great lover of the snow!). It's looking very picturesque there in Wales!

  5. Shirley - Yes it's gorgeous. Have a good week too.
    Tattie - Four days later and it's still the same. Nothing else has fallen from the sky but we are frozen sold.
    Rob-bear - We are only grey on cloudy days. The rest of the time the light in Pembrokeshire is beautiful which is why artists (such as Turner) come here to paint. I think it's because we're a small peninsula and the light reflects off the sea.
    Rachgrif - I'm from the West Midlands originally. I have fond memories of knee deep snow in Worcestershire. We've been here 25 years now and we've only had proper snow for the past few years but when it does snow it's lovely.

  6. Looks lovely, and I did smile at the tiddly pom...we don't have snow yet....


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