Wednesday, 24 November 2010

A book for a cook

I had a lovely surprise on Monday. A delivery man arrived with an Amazon package for me. Amazon parcels are a bit Maria von Trapp - brown paper packages - and there's always something good within.

Monday's was no exception - a copy of Nigella's new book Kitchen: Recipes from the heart of the home.

It was a present from the lovely people at Appliances Online because I commented on Josie of Sleep is for the Weak's blog about them giving her a hob - a lovely Smeg to be precise - at the very time she needed one most.

Others have been the lucky recipients of Appliance Online's generosity too - and I'm the latest lucky blogger. I don't need a hob though as I already have a gorgeous all singing all dancing one. (Famously, when it boiled down to a decision whether to have a new kitchen or a new cooker - I plumped for the cooker and made do with the kitchen.) But Appliance Online thought - quite correctly - that the keys to my heart lie in the cookery book section.

I love cookery books but I (almost) never buy them for myself. To me they are like boxes of chocolates - a lovely extravagance best saved for birthdays and Christmas. In fact Christmas would not be the same without a new cook book to settle down with so I've already ordered this year's one from my husband. My family has been known to complain too when they ask for present ideas and are given a list which consists exclusively of cookery books. In fact there have been more complaints as I've had my head stuck in Kitchen for the last two days solid. I love it. It's stuffed full of great recipes (including several I'm making for R's 7th birthday next week and some yummy cakes for the Christmas fair next weekend). And there's the famous spaghetti with Marmite recipe which is divine. Don't knock it until you've tried it (unless you hate Marmite of course).

As for Applicances Online they've got a great website which is worth checking out (I've been looking at chest freezers to store garden produce) and you can follow them on Twitter.


  1. How wonderful! Appliances Online certainly seem to be doing there bit for 'Blogging kind' at the moment! I for one am getting quite into the cooking thing this year and only commented to hubby last night that I hoped there would be a Nigella 'christmas' program coming on soon. My built in oven is a little worse for wear though now and I basically have to allow twice as much time to cook everything as what it says in the cookery book. Oh well christmas is looming so unless Appliances Online are feeling especially generous our turkey might just have to take that bit longer to cook this year lol

  2. What a lovely surprise, Mags, especially as you were browsing the cookery books in Waterstone's last week. Our washing machine is making bad bearing noises so I've entered three online competitions this morning trying to win one!

  3. Delicious in more than one sense of the word. Enjoy.

    I LOVE Marmite, hint hint.


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