Monday, 22 November 2010

Oh Dell, how do I love thee?

Let me count the ways…

I love my Dell computer. It’s my contact with the outside world, a conduit to anyone, anywhere at anytime. I do my shopping on it, write my e-mails on it, I blog and Facebook and Tweet on it. I’ve written three fledgling novels on it during Nanowrimos and a fourth too.

But why Dell and why do I love it so? Well I began with another brand and it was okay. I used Amstrads and Apple Macs at work and at home I wanted a PC mostly to write on and anything would do really. But then my children came along and our needs changed. We needed something tough and clever. Something that could withstand its keyboard being bashed by baby fists. I happened to visit our local school and was impressed by the array of smart Dells. I decided that to withstand that sort of daily abuse they must be tough so I ordered one.

I fell in love with my Dell immediately. It was fast, it was sleek, it was good looking. We used it for CBeebies, for writing, drawing, photo and video storage. It took all the punches thrown at it by ham-fisted babies and then growing toddlers and came back for more.

Then it got hit by lightning. We couldn’t kill it, but Mother Nature it seemed could.

Of course we replaced it with a Dell which has twice the memory and a lovely big screen. My children compete to use it. They’ve now moved on to CBBC, Moshi Monsters and Skype. They need it for homework and for listening to music and watching videos. The screen’s big enough for catch-up TV and movies too, so it acts like a second TV. We don’t hide it away, it sits in the corner of the dining room sometimes showing slide shows of our pictures or quietly playing music. In short, we wouldn’t be without it.

But now I have seen one of these.  This does so much more than my current Dell. It’s got WiFi, an HD widescreen, DVD drive and can connect to TV tuners, cable and satellite boxes and gaming consoles. Its glamorous rather than merely smart and hasn’t got a chunky CPU box. Everything is – as its name suggests - All-in-One. That’s not all. You can touch its screen and that pairs with a thing they call Stage which means you can quickly get to your favourite music, photos and videos. For more details watch this video.

I have to admit I’m more than a little bit in lust with the All-in-One.

So what’s a girl to do?

I know!

Dear Santa, I've been a really good girl...
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  1. trouble is, there's always a new shiny Must Have attracting one's inner magpie (a big beast in my case!)
    And does Sponsored Post mean that Dell are giving you one, you jammy sausage!

  2. I just posted a blog after your amusing post about shiny new computers and can completely identify with your passion. I've just got hold of the new iPhone 4 (we're a bit slow here in South Africa) and am thrilled with it - forget about calls and sms, give me the camera apps!

  3. I think I'll stick with my Macs — all five of them. (There are several that have to leave, but I just haven't got them to the recycling shop called "Computers for Kids.")

  4. I like Dell too, but I'll stick to Mac for now. Unless, that is, they are offering freebies...

  5. Yes, we're Dell fans here and I think I've just seen one I'd like! I wonder if when Santa's on his way to you he'd drop one off here too!


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