Wednesday, 3 November 2010

How to win £40,000

What would I do with £40,000? Humour me for a moment while I take off on a flight of fancy with forty grand in my pocket.

The cash, by the way, would be courtesy of Paypal which is currently running a weekly draw to win a year’s salary. I’m not sure whose salary (not mine, obviously) but it would be a nice sum of money to win and all you have to do to enter is to use Paypal to make a purchase.

So would I blow it on one big lovely thing just for me? Or would I squirrel it away in a nice safe little bank account somewhere and watch it grow?

No, I know exactly what would happen. I’d tell my children about it and they’d spend it for me.

Would £40,000 buy a seven seater Land Rover Discovery (for me to drive as a taxi for them and their friends), a sports car for Daddy, a Nintendo Wii, a trampoline, Apple iPods, laptops and the entire contents of the Mini Boden catalogue? Possibly – but only with very careful planning.

The Land Rover might have to be a second hand purchase from Ebay but it can then have a lovely new sound system and perhaps a DVD player too from Halfords.

The Nintendo Wii is easy. Woolworths has this lovely package on its website. Helpfully it also has the Apple iPods too and I think a subscription to Napster might then be a sensible option.

As for the trampoline, this one from Toys R Us looks as if it would fit the bill and Dell can supply a couple of very pretty Inspiron laptops so my two expensive little darlings can log on to the Mini Boden website once they’re all bounced out.

So that’s everything except the sports car…  here’s a nice Carrera but perhaps not the one Daddy had in mind

So what would you do with £40,000? Every time you use Paypal you automatically get entered into the weekly draw, so the more times you use Paypal the more chances you have to win. This year’s Christmas shopping could change your life. Go on, tell me how you’d spend it.

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  1. 'One big lovely thing just for me' - that will be your hubby then? Some chance!

  2. Sock Yarn! (Like I don't have enough already!)

  3. Um lets see,mething indulgent like a natural swimming pond or something practical like a drying cupboard for my clay? pathetic though it is I can not think of anything other than that!!!

  4. Well, that would be about Cdn$100,000. I have no idea whiat I would do with it. No worries though. My wife and children will look after it for me.

  5. Mark - That would be my hubby.
    Tilly - You'd get a lot of sock yarn for £40,000! but wouldn't it be lovely choosing it all?
    Her at Home - I think I'd go for a natural swimming pool too... and a hot tub.
    Rob-bear - That's what wives and children are for: to save you from the burden of spending your money. I hope they'd spend some of it on you too.


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