Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Not quite there yet...

You may remember in a recent post I reported on the finding of a bag of SLR 35mm film cameras. Well I've been out and taken a few pictures with the Canon T70, waited impatiently for them to be developed (nearly eight quid!) and this fennel shot is the best. Quite clearly I need to relearn my focussing techniques (or stick to the auto-focus EON). There's a lot to remember with an SLR and it's strange to go back after years of point and shoot compact digital photography. The photographs have a different quality to digital - although this film went out of date in 2006 so that might have some bearing on the quality. My compact couldn't take this shot even in perfect conditions. I'm not sure I'm going to do much of this a eight quid a throw though!


  1. Some people actually buy out of date film (especially polaroid) for the random effects it can give.

    I love digtal; I love it for all the reasons some people don't. That said, I am thinking of buying a 120 format camera - that really is retro

  2. I think that's a great photo, Mags!

    I'm learning to go fully manual on my digital, which is what I prefer. (One can achieve so many different effects in full manual, as you know.)

    I've yet to decide whether the digital will give me better results than the film. Quicker, yes; better, hmmmm.

  3. I love manual digital may be better in terms of price and speed but you feel you are dumminmg down having to think and not just point and press does I htink give you a better photo, black adn white even better and I think grainy quality adds depth to it.

    Continue with it! That is a ownderful photo!!

  4. Ahhhh, lovely. I so love taking pictures with 'real' cameras, although the immediacy of digital is rather fab. £8. Ouch! x

  5. The photos lovely Mags, but I think for £8.00 and then the wait to get it developed.....eek, I would want to stay with digital....I would be too impatient.

  6. That looks beautiful, especially as I'm rubbish with a a camera so completely in awe of you for doing it properly!

    PS - Now you can also take a picture of the sky through your roof... I do hope you're ok. Horrid luck.

  7. Oh I was hopeless with the non digital cameras. I took reams of pictures and only one would be any good. Digitals cameras were designed with my skills in mind!


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