Thursday, 4 November 2010

The Gallery: Lawn swimming

This week's theme for Tara's The Gallery over at Sticky Fingers is 'show me the funny'. I'm a day late with this (I blame an inset day on Monday; I think today is Wednesday) and I had a look at the other entries and despaired - they're fabulous.

But then I thought of the funniest member of our household. The one whose whole life is based on the joy principle and thought there must be a photograph of him somewhere doing something funny.

There was.

This is Mido* indulging in his favourite summer sport of lawn swimming. Basically all you do is lie on the cool grassy lawn on a hot day and pull yourself around by your paws saying "arf, arf, argh, arf" or words to that effect. You can do it for hours, if you're Mido and apparently it's the Best Thing Ever. And it makes me laugh.

*He's a rescue dog and arrived with *that name* already intact. In private I call him Mido. In public I refer to him as 'the dog', 'oi you' or (and to give him due credit he came) 'Shadow'.


  1. Arf, arf indeed! Does he swim in snow too?

  2. Rachel - yes he'll swim in anything (except water!)

  3. Our dog used to insist on rubbing herself in dead seagulls on the beach - mmm, lovely.

  4. Comedy on four legs, Mags! If he can swim in snow, he'll eventually learn to swim in water. Well, perhaps.

    I'll bet it took some patience on your part to get that pic. Well done. Animals can be tricky to photo; they tend not to stay in one spot for very long. I have the same challenges with Miss Sadie.

  5. Lovely! Both our dogs are rescue and our latest, does swimming on the deck patio, no grass here...too hot! Licks from our two to Mido.

  6. Mark - Mido used to roll in smelly stuff until the penny dropped one day that it always led to a bath. He hates water so much he stopped.
    Rob-bear - It took no patience to take the picture. Mido will happily lawn swim for hours giving plenty of photo-opportunities.
    Pauline - Patio swimming? Love it! Mido sends licks back.

  7. Your description of the dog 'lawn swimming' did make me laugh, with sound effects too. We have a dog here who indulges in the same summer sport lol

  8. Looks like he's having a great time!


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